5 points healthcare development partners must consider before outsourcing

Healthcare software development partners should consider these vital points before outsourcing.

Get a vendor who thinks and acts like a partner. This is the dream of any software development company who is in the business of creating life-changing applications. However, with healthcare IT development companies, this expectation comes with one vital factor – the empathy factor.  Software development partners looking to outsource part of their work to IT companies want the latter to empathize with the application users. Here’s where a lot of software development partners are skeptical about outsourcing healthcare applications to overseas partners. Apart from the lack of empathy, there are several common reasons why a healthcare software development company may not want to outsource. These are –

1. Lack of transparency and trust

There are times when IT companies fail to evoke trust for various reasons. Well for good reason. First, their geographical location often poses a hurdle in meeting software development partners in person. Second, some of these companies are also not willing to keep the communication transparent, hiding policies or costs during the project communication stage. Third, several development companies take up projects that their team is not equipped to handle. This creates a lack of trust among overseas development partners.

2. Inability to deliver

Several IT companies are unable to deliver as promised due to lack of resources or employee attrition. This is both in terms of timeline and quality.

3. Lack of domain knowledge and expertise

This is especially crucial for development of healthcare platforms. If there’s an IT company that treats healthcare applications like any other, it’s possible it may also be able to understand that there are several industry standards, norms and considerations that are unique to this domain.

4. Unfit methodologies

Software development partners sometimes complain about project management processes and methodologies that many development companies use. A process that fits a specific project of creating a healthcare platform is vital to its success.

5. Communication gap

It’s not just due to the physical distance. Several IT companies lack proper Client Relationship Management System or tactics to clearly communicate & better assist the overseas clients. Other times, good communication is limited to only the sales teams while project managers are unable to communicate in English. As a result, a lot of time and energy is wasted in trying to achieve the accuracy throughout the entire development process.

Vinfotech is one of the leading healthcare outsourcing IT companies that have kept their focus on the healthcare domain in terms of expertise and portfolio.

How can healthcare software development partners consider before outsourcing?

1. Industry-leading project methodologies

When it comes to application development, time and quality are the decisive factors. Development of healthcare IT solutions is no exception to this rule. Vinfotech works on Agile methodology along with a standard project management process and does a thorough system analysis. Our team has healthcare analysts who conduct a market research, prepare business assessment document and conduct workshops or virtual meetings with software development partners. We use universally accepted project management tools so our overseas development partners are on the same page as ours which enables us to deliver any healthcare project within the stipulated time frame. We have the experience of working with direct clients, development partners as well as vendors.

2. Domain knowledge and expertise

Another factor that helps Vinfotech stand out is our deep knowledge of healthcare IT domain. Our team regularly attends global conferences organized by various healthcare organizations for sharing knowledge around innovation, technology and government regulations in the industry. Since we work extensively with direct clients, this exercise has always given us a great ROI and has helped us win some of world’s life-changing healthcare projects. We have been building custom healthcare applications right from the time when EMRs were being re-imagined for better patient record management. Our team understands the concern of data security along with the experience of creating scalable apps. We also help our partners in the following -
/ Product enhancement
/ Product maintenance
/ Database migration
/ Strategy consulting
/ System analysis
/ Product re-engineering
/ Independent testing services
/ Process guidance
/ Quality engineering

3. Healthcare projects and portfolio

It’s our pleasure to share that some of our healthcare projects including PopRx, ClincYou and Medlinx have gone to make a great difference in the industry. These customized healthcare applications have not only attracted investments but also bridged a gap in the market, attracting considerable media attention.

4. Complete healthcare solutions

Vinfotech takes a ‘product development’ approach along with customization when it comes to working with any software development partner overseas. We believe in creating solutions that are complete with scalable features. We are ready to customize healthcare applications as per the region, demographic and scalability.  In healthcare alone, we have worked on applications like telehealth, e-prescription, EMR, coordinated care and healthcare communities.

5. Patient-centric approach

We at Vinfotech believe that empathy factor is crucial especially for building healthcare applications. These applications are directly related to people’s well-being and hence they must have the ability to create an empathy factor with users. We follow design-thinking methodology of development where we engage with patients in each project in order to bring in the necessary user feedback from the development stage itself.

6. English is our protocol

At Vinfotech, we ensure that our technical team including developers, project managers, coders etc. have studied English as a primary language. It’s one of our recruitment criteria that our technical team is able to interact with development partners and clients in English language. In fact, most of our clients and development partners have belonged to English-speaking countries and communication was never a barrier for speedy development.

Vinfotech is one of the leading healthcare software development company having more than ten years of experience and a varied portfolio. Empathy is at the core of our development services which helps us take a patient-centric approach to development. Do give us a call.

  • Industry-leading project methodologies
  • Domain knowledge and expertise
  • Healthcare projects and portfolio
  • Complete healthcare solutions
  • Design thinking methodology

About Vinfotech

Whether you are looking out to build a chatbot on top of your telehealth app as a smart symptom tracker, or take charge of improving overall healthcare experience of your hospital by connecting your staff, doctors and patients over a gamified online community integrated with various fitness wearables and medical devices, turn to Vinfotech.

Vinfotech is design-led healthcare ecosystem software provider for governments, healthcare organizations, care providers, medical ISVs, device manufacturers and software product companies with following expertise:
/ Healthcare online communities (for patients, hospitals & donors)
/ Telehealth
/ E-prescription
/ Coordinated care solutions
/ Chatbot, medical device and wearable integration
/ Any custom web/ mobile app


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