Fanboys rule the most successful traditional fantasy sport platforms

The infographic sheds light on how successful traditional fantasy sports platforms in football, soccer, hockey, golf, basketball, racing and baseball.

The underlying premise behind a successful fantasy sports platform development today is the fact that users are fanboys – people who love certain players, teams and leagues. And they don’t want to limit their love for the games to only watching the games live. They want to take that passion home. They want to use their knowledge.

However, there’s another interesting angle to this analysis. Some of the most successful traditional fantasy sports platforms are owned by fantasy sports players. That means avid fantasy sports players have engaged in fantasy sports website design as per their choice and liking. These are fanboys who not only played fantasy sports but also built successful platforms.

This Infographic takes a look at some interesting statistics about fantasy sports players who also engaged in fantasy sports website development in order to created winning platforms. And it’s not just soccer, the same is true for golf, football, basketball, racing and hockey. The infographic also sheds light on how much fantasy sports players spend in paid leagues. This would help you visualize which sports you may want to focus on when it comes to fantasy web design. Take a look.

Fantasy sports business licensing & registration in Europe listed by Vinfotech

  • Several successful fantasy platforms are run by former fantasy sports players
  • Former fantasy sports players understand users deeply
  • A majority of fantasy sports players like to play paid leagues
  • Most serious fantasy sports players turn into entrepreneurs

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