How To Create a Website Like Dream11?

Dream11 struck gold because of its clearly thought-out launch strategy and its firm grip on the Indian fantasy sports market.

Dream 11 is undoubtedly one of the most popular fantasy sports app in the country today. It should come as no surprise to anyone if we herald it as the undisputed king of the OFSP industry. Starting way back in 2008, the creators of Dream 11 were able to harness the excitement fans had for sports and their favorite stars and use it to create a titan of the online gaming business.

The success of Dream 11 paved a path for others with similar ambitions to jump into the business. The resulting consequence has witnessed billions of dollars being poured into the gaming app development sector.

Suffice to say, the OFSP sector is an unhinged money-making machine. Those who are wise enough to see the broader picture here are already investing heavily and affiliating with app developing partners to partake in the spoils of this hot market.

However, achieving the level of success that Dream 11 has accomplished isn’t child’s play. There is no guarantee you will be swimming in revenue the very next day you launch your gaming app. A lot of Dream 11’s success relied on its intuitive app that incited engagement and pure fun amongst users.

The way it created an atmosphere within its app that rewarded prediction with the probability of winning tempting prices, was revolutionary. So creating an app that clicks with your prospects is imperative that aspiring entrepreneurs cannot compromise on.

In this article, we will walk you through all the fundamentals one needs to acknowledge to hopefully build a website like Dream 11.

The Fantasy Sports Business Landscape Today

The Fantasy Sports industry is one of the fastest-growing businesses across the globe. The industry is expected to surpass the benchmark of $33.2 billion in the year 2025 with a CAGR of 13.2%, which is simply remarkable.

The Indian market alone has witnessed rapid growth in the past few years. The industry has witnessed nearly thrice growth in an interval of 5 years. The revenues as of 2020 have reached more than 16000 Crores.

It is also crucial for investors to seriously consider creating a robust fantasy sports mobile app if they hope to see a healthy ROI. In 2019, over 85% of users chose to play fantasy sports via an app on their mobile phones. On the contrary, website use saw a measly 7% engagement from Indian users.

Fantasy sports plateform in india

Fundamentals of Building a Website like Dream 11

1 – Covering Ground with Website and Mobile App

Mulling over the success of Dream 11, one thing strikes us the most. That is its ubiquitous presence in the industry. The way it achieved such a feat is by catering to users via both its website and mobile app. It is important to note, that Dream 11 initially built its rather enviable user base with the help of its website. They were able to successfully reroute a significant portion of its user base to a mobile app, thus achieving widespread success.

So you will be well advised to have both a website and app ready to offer fantasy sports services to an enthusiastic user base. You are covering extensive ground by letting your users have an option between two competent variants of your platform.

2 – Devise a Monetization Plan

Let’s keep it real, you are not developing a fantasy sports app to satisfy the whims of your users alone. You also want to make good profits while catering to them. So devise a feasible monetization plan straight off the bat.

The number one monetization strategy that works is the implementation of Ads. It only takes a few lines of codes to get revenue-generating Ads up-and-running on your platform. For this monetization plan to yield results, your website or app needs to have a large user base.

The second strategy for monetization would require you to make the app a paid service. We are not comfortable recommending this strategy as Indian users rarely agree to pay an upfront sum for using an app.

Affiliate links to products on popular eCommerce platforms like Amazon can help bring in a significant chunk of commission to your revenue stream. You can also promote in-app purchases to encourage an otherwise frugal user base to spend on your product.

3 – Fundamental Features

There are a number of vital features a business must emphasize if you seek to create a fantasy sports website that clicks with your prospective users. These are must-have features that cannot be ignored.

i) Easy Log-In

The app or website should not waste any unnecessary time on user-registration. The process should be simple and fast. Only ask for essential information such as phone number, email ID, or name. Do not assault your users with an exhaustive number of input fields. Facilitate social media logins to expedite the log-in process considerably.

ii) Landing Page

The design of your landing page should be simple and facilitate easy navigation to other pages on the website. It should be clutter-free and quick to provide important insight about your product. Opt for a minimalistic look that only accommodates vital tools and visual elements.

iii) League Arena

Provide an immaculate space to aid your users with new leagues, the price of participating in them, applicable contest rules, tournament size, and tournament durations among many other topics. You must offer a league arena capable of engaging your fans with the latest championships.

Fantasy sports plateform winnings, reward points, bonuses.

IV) User Dashboard

An intuitive dashboard that is clean, comprehensive, and visually captivating is integral to the development of a good fantasy sports app. It must waste no time in offering valuable insights into winnings, reward points, bonuses, transaction history, and much more with easy-to-follow infographics.

V) Admin Dashboard

A powerful and easy-to-operate Admin dashboard is important to manage the various aspects of an app. The dashboard must empower its administrator to tweak the app’s functioning, set permissions, access data, and implement schemes that will affect a player’s game.

VI) User Account Management

The app or website must facilitate easy management of user accounts. It should effectively empower the admin with the ability to edit, deactivate or delete accounts associated with main players of the fantasy sports platform.

VII) Contest Management

The ability to manage contests means having control over what contests are termed ‘free to play’ and what running contests are ‘pay to play’. The app must allow the admin to organize contests in multiple categories.

VIII) Report Management

The admin must have access to all relevant reports pertaining to gameplay. Information on earnings, player performance, and Winners must be clear and easily accessible to the admin without any complications.

4 – Building the Framework

Finally, you must determine the right framework for your fantasy sports platform. Your app can fall into any of the following categories. It can follow the framework of a Native App, Progressive Web App, or a Cross-Platform App.

Consider factors like your budget, target audience, monetization plan, and features you hope to offer to users. These will help you understand what framework will suit your app the best. Consult with your app development partner to know which framework will satisfy you and your users the most.

Things to consider while developing a Fantasy Sports Website or App

There are a number of vital factors inherent to a smoothly running fantasy sports app that attracts users.

1 - Data is Key

It is important to understand the distinction between fantasy sports and gaming apps. Unlike video games, fantasy sports games are calculative and cerebral in nature. The game heavily relies on the player’s ability to handle crucial data pertaining to leagues, player information, a team’s overall performance, their form, and much more.

So it is important to provide users with a comprehensive way to analyze this data. Informatics vital to their game like the news section, player profile, and performance graphs should be readily accessible in the app or website.

2 – An Intuitive Interface

Most app designers adhere to a sought-after principle commonly known as the 5-Second rule. The rule states that an app must capture a user’s attention within the first 5 seconds of their arrival on it. Failure to do so will result in the user simply moving on.

A great way to actually capture your user’s attention with regards to a fantasy sports app is by providing them with an interface that instantly offers insight. A quick insight interface will definitely keep your user engaged with the app and encourage them to navigate it thoroughly.

3 – Scope of the Platform

An app like Dream 11 hosts multiple types of sports to satisfy users of varying preferences. It is quite important to first analyze the scope of your platform with respect to the types and number of sports it will offer. This lays a stronger foundation for your developing partners to work on and clarifies the budget you will need to bring your development plans to fruition.

4 – Easy Scalability

We’ve already mentioned the perpetually ascending growth potential of the Fantasy Sports Business. One must consider building such apps with convenient scalability in mind. The app should be able to handle colossal levels of traffic smoothly. In time, it should also be capable of accommodating more users and diversifying the product with different sports and contest offerings.

Estimated Cost of Developing a Fantasy Sports Website

It is not quite simple to get an accurate number with regards to the cost associated with building an app of such nature. The price will vary from one business to another due to differences in needs and requirements between them.

You can get a rough estimate by contacting your chosen app developing partner with your specific needs. For an immediate estimate, you can contact us at Vinfotech and get a clear picture of the cost you will probably incur in building an online fantasy sports platform of your desire.

Choosing the Best Website Developing Partner

Dream 11 defines unparalleled success, the likes of which are rarely seen in a country like India. So it is only obvious, ambitious individuals who wish to make it big in the OFSP sector would try to mimic the success of Dream 11.

Although challenging, this isn’t an impossible goal to accomplish if one only knows where to begin. In most cases, that road starts with the development process. It is extremely important to affiliate with a website developing partner you can comfortably rely on to launch a fantasy sports website you can be proud of.

With substantial experience and a plethora of happy clients behind us, we at Vinfotech are more than capable of developing the fantasy sports website or app of your dreams. We engage in delivering quality services at every stage of your app’s development. We clearly convey the cost up-front after a thorough discussion with our clients and start working on your vision for a timely launch.

About Vinfotech

Vinfotech creates world’s best fantasy sports-based entertainment, marketing and rewards platforms for fantasy sports startups, sports leagues, casinos and media companies. We promise initial set of real engaged users to put turbo in your fantasy platform growth. Our award winning software vFantasy™ allows us to build stellar rewards platform faster and better. Our customers include Zee Digital, Picklive and Arabian Gulf League.


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