What makes PerfectLineup the ultimate fantasy cricket lineup builder? Find out

In preparation for the upcoming match, you've probably been racking your brain all day trying to figure out the playing 11 of the respective teams. Keeping the names in your head is one thing, but you need the complete overview. This is where PerfectLineup comes into play.

In the competitive space of daily fantasy cricket, you're either the hunter or the hunted. But what makes the sharks so much better than the competition? The answer is lineup building tools. A lineup builder is a daily fantasy sports tool that uses calculations and a formula to build the most optimal lineup based on salary and projections. The continued success of DFS has given ample time to create tools that can provide astute players with a distinct statistical edge and Perfectlineup, provides an edge to your fantasy cricket research and helps you build winning lineups. Before we dig deeper, let understand the importance of lineup builders-

What is a Lineup builder and why is it necessary?

You may have heard that less than 2% of DFS players earn over 90% of the player profits. One big reason for this is that the top players know how to leverage analytics that gives them a statistical advantage.

Lineup builders are tools that help you configure DFS lineups with the highest potential point output. It’s the primary tool used by the top players to start winning lineups consistently.

Every DFS Lineup Builder aims to solve the "Knapsack Problem"

The Knapsack Problem is a well known & well-taught mathematics/computer science problem, also considered a ‘classical algorithm’. The original knapsack problem goes like this: You have a backpack (knapsack) with a certain weight capacity and several objects to choose from. Each object has a value and a weight. The goal is to fill your backpack with the right combination of items to maximize the total value, without exceeding the weight limit.

In Daily Fantasy the weight limit is your salary cap, the weight of each player is their salary, and the value of each player is their projected point value.

To begin evaluating this problem, lineup builder developers first assign a value to each player. Then, they utilize daily fantasy algorithm software to determine the precise players to include in your optimal fantasy lineup (i.e., your knapsack) to maximize the potential point output of your entire fantasy cricket lineup.

PerfectLineup helps you do just that. When you consistently start lineups with high potential, you'll win more contests and earn more money. Let's take a closer look at Perfectlineup & understand what makes it crucial for fantasy cricket players looking forward to winning money by playing daily fantasy cricket.

What is Perfectlineup and how does it work?

Perfectlineup is an advanced daily fantasy cricket lineup optimizer that uses the world's most advanced projections and optimization techniques to help you build powerful fantasy cricket lineups.

As more and more people in India are trying to make money playing, the level of competition is getting more and more intense. So it's only natural that the probability of being the ultimate winner will get increasingly difficult over time. But data-rich lineup builders like Perfectlineup provide statistical data to help you maintain that slight mathematical edge. It provides unprecedented insight with real-time analytics & comprehensive player statistics.

Optimization Algorithm

In sports there are unpredictable events. Injuries, weather, emotions, a bird flying directly into a 99mph pitch, and more. But by using historical data and incorporating the variables of that day, we can come up with some very good predicted values for each player. This is what a great daily fantasy sports projector does. And if we optimize those projections we can create a significant competitive advantage. In daily fantasy sports, finding an edge when constructing lineups is paramount.

Perfectlineup’s optimization algorithm sorts trillions (literally) possible lineups in seconds to provide the top overall 11 lineups for a given cricket game, but also gives you the flexibility to work some of your own magic. Have a gut feeling on a player? Lock him or remove him from every lineup. It’s optimal lineups are updated leading into game with projections monitored and adjusted for updates like lineup out, weather conditions and more, so that users can stay focused on building optimal lineups.

Perfectlineup’s optimization algorithm is powered by artificial intelligence. The combination of AI with your own intuition will help you win big on any fantasy platform.

Game research

PerfectLineup is your one-stop shop for research leading into game time. Especially for the IPL season. It provides most accurate player statistics on every player with intuitive graphs that help you understand the recent form of the player, while statistics bifurcated on the basis of game format and competition will help you understand the historical trend and player nuances. PerfectLineup’s player cards also provide player’s position rank, overall rank, highlighting the presence of the player in the Perfect Lineup of the match with a little star. These integrated player analytics can help draw imperative lessons and takeaways that will increase your chances of winning. We even crowdsource user activity to develop highly accurate projections and suggest Captain and Vice-captain of the team respectively.

And as the adoption of DFS software expands, lineup builders are becoming even more essential to your ongoing success.

Venue stats

For constructing lineups, comprehensive research on the pitch condition, on how the pitch can assist the bowlers (faster or spinner) or batsmen is essential. For the last 3-5 matches, study the ground history and make predictions accordingly. On PerfectLineup, you can get venue stats for almost every match, which will give you an idea of the score and number of wickets that might fall in the field.

PerfectLineup provides an excellent feature of exporting the generated lineups. This feature allows users to save and export the created lineups to simply the contest participation on any fantasy platform.


The real world of sports is high on action and adrenaline. It takes serious strategic acumen to assemble a team and leads them to victory. People pop up every day that will sell you lineups, or give them away for free. They also seem to disappear just as quickly. The secret to winning at DFS is that showing up every day matters. Studying every player every day matters. Being able to adjust projections in an instant and recalculate for new lineups matters. The pros do it, and you don’t have time to. That’s why Perfectlineup is here. And as the adoption of DFS software expands, lineup builders are becoming even more essential to your ongoing success. For more, visit-

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